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Full Version: Eatting clock with the run powerup!
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Please adjust the run powerup play.  Here's my reasoning why.  
A. It is a guaranteed 10-15 yards per use
B. Nothing can stop it, no defensive plays work
C. Defensive line powerups can't stop it either
D. If a team uses a strategy of getting to 3rd down and uses the run powerup they can consume massive amounts of clock.
    Here's how that works:
    1. If every play averages 20-25 seconds off the clock and you get to 3rd down you've used up 40-50 seconds off the clock
    2.  With a conversion of 3rd down you've now used up 60 seconds -1:15 minutes off the clock and gained around 12-15 yards
    3.  With 6 potential run powerups that's 2- 2:30 minutes off the clock and that's being conservative as some plays will use up 35 seconds or more from the clock 
        This can mean that a player using the powerup on every 3rd down can consume a total of 3-4 minutes just using that strategy gaining 60-90 yards on the field 
        since no way to stop it.  Scoring at least 1-2 easy touchdowns.
E.  When playing in the tournament I witnessed this strategy work so effectively that with one turnover I was only able to have one full possession where I was able to play during one of my games.
F.  A team using this strategy does not need to have the best players only manage the clock effectively taking forever to pick plays and eating as much clock as they
     can. This takes away from the fun of the game as you just watch your defensive plays fail over and over and over against a team you should normally be able to
G.  None of the other powerups can compare to how powerful the run play is as they seem to only give you a slight advantage where the run powerup is nearly
     guaranteed to give you a 
     first down.