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games played against one team - Guard02 - 12-19-2019

This is the second time I have to complain about teams playing me over and over again.  Why isn't there a limit on how many times you can play one team in a certain amount of time?  Tx Rednecks has played me 5 times in 6 days.  3 times in less than 24 hours.  This also happened two months ago with a different team playing me over and over again.   Can't a limit be set on how many times a team can play another team?  I don't know how these teams find me so often.  I never see a team that I play when I go to play another game.   Is there a way to look for certain teams?
Please help.  Every Time I log off and log back on a few hours later I have been played bu the same team.   Also, what's the deal with a team playing me while I'm on bye?   Why can't We train players during a bye?  Basically, a bye is a waste if teams can play me and I can't train during that period.
Please help.
PSUState Lion.