A couple of issues.....
1.  Heard somebody else mention this in chat, but it happened to me a few days ago.  4th and something for the other team, they don't get the first down (incomplete pass I believe), and instead of them turning the ball over to me on downs, they it shows them having a 1st down.

2.  On the regional rating screen, if you are outside the top 16, it doesn't show what you rank for the region, but it gives your overall ranking.  Meaning, if I'm ranked number 75 overall, and I go to the central regional screen, it shows the top 16, and shows me with a 75 out to the left, even though 75 isn't my ranking in the actual regional.  Would be nice to know what place I'm in in the actual regional.

3.  Did something change to where I we can't shrink and expand the campus screen?  Up until the last couple of days I could hit shift or control, and use the wheel on my mouse to shrink/expand my campus view.  That function doesn't appear to be working now.  Tried it on two different computers.


1) Yes, I believe we have heard about this. It's a super rare bug. We will put this on the list of items to address. Thank you.

2) Yes, that would be nice, we'll add it to the list.

3) No, nothing has changed. Zooming in/out of the campus works fine here using the mouse wheel.

Thank you!

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