My Wish List Items
1- I don't really care about 1 hour. :-) However, a bigger problem is that it is hard to see what conferences are open to new members. I suggest allowing conferences to set themselves to a default of accept or reject new players. That is more important to me. I have been trying to find or make a conference and nothing really works.

2- Good idea, but I would extend the time to a week and I would only reduce him down to 1/2 price before eliminating him. So, maybe more like a 10 percent decrease day 1-3, and then 5 percent days after 7 days he is 50%. Then gone on day 8. A 100 percent decrease is too much.

3- would be nice. Likewise to see all stats would be nice.

4- I don't care :-)

5- Or if unlimited is too much, maybe at least increase it to 50 or 100?

6- Agree, it would make design easier; but suggest before level 9. I think the first 3 come quick. How about level 6 or 7.

7- STRONGLY Agree that points should add. I can see how it might take more memory or require some additional programming, but right now there is no reason to do anything but sign now. I think there has to be something done to make the other choices have meaning or to eliminate them. Having the points add up so that when you fail it reduces the cost of other options is a good idea. Perhaps if it is too much programming to make it just reduce for one team, have it reduce for all teams? Or change the other options to something like "recruit random 1 star," "recruit random 2 star," "recruit random 3 star," "recruit random 4 star" and such so that the random this is the player and not if you get him. Whatever, it doesn't really make sense to spend fandom for an unknown chance at a player (let's face it the game doesn't even say the odds). It isn't so critical what is done, rather than something is done to either remove the other options or make them meaningful. Right now, I just do sign now. I don't get why someone would pay 15% of the cost of a player for a 1 in 10 chance to get him... That isn't gambling, it is throwing money away over time. Just my opinion.

That was my 2 cents.

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