What is the purpose of this forum?
Does anyone in ADMIN ever read this?  It seems there are many questions, but very few answers.

Why do receivers still run backwards?  Why can we not spend our bucks to purchase fandom?  Why are there still issues with this game that we have been told over and over that would get fixed with the next update?  

Do you guys listen to the players of the game?  We have asked for changes and nothing happens.  We have asked for explanations and nothing happens.  Prices of players have gone up, but no increase in fandom earned.  Some players are maxed on their campuses and have nothing to spend cash on.  We have asked for a way to use cash to purchase fandom and have nothing.  Using gold to boost fandom is not something we have asked for.  It's something you tried, then dropped, then brought back.

Help me understand why you don't listen to the players for your game?  You ask for our feedback then do nothing.  Take a little pride in your game, listen to the players and get involved.  Be present and respond!

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