Bad Idea
This being able to take your fandom is a bad idea.  You have just secured the fact the teams who have built their stadiums and other buildings have a HUGE advantage.

It will take me 3 days of savings to upgrade by recruiting building, in that time I have to HOPE someone who already built their team up, you can see them on the leader board, doesn't decide to bankrupt me.

Even though they got there by not having the same apply to them.

I can see a mass exodus of players who get fed up with rich making them start over.

I will be one of them...
You only get matched against people that have a comparable trophy count as you, so you generally only get matched (and games accepted) against other players that are about as good as you... but, we are aware of your concern so if we see a bunch of high level players that lose trophies regularly so they can grief new players then we'll start matching based on stadium level in addition to trophy count to keep things balanced.

Also, The most you lose is 10% of the total you have in your bank.  If you don't keep currency in your bank (by building buildings/recruiting/etc) then you won't lose much.  Also, whenever someone beats you, you get a 12hr BYE so no-one else can match against you.  Players get accepted for a match about every 20 hours, so in your case, even if you don't log back in for 3 days to collect any new fandom/bucks you would (on average) lose around 27% of your total over 3 days, but if jump on and check your campus twice per day to collect some currency then you would generally still gain currency over that time, just not quite as fast as you used to.  And if you are saving your currency up for something specific and you don't want to deal with getting challenged and potentially losing some currency then you can always get more BYE time in the shop.

Give it a try, I think you'll find that beating people and knowing that you're taking their currency is a lot more fun Smile and at the same time doesn't impact you as much as you might think.
I agree that you need to be careful that the Higher level players do not just grind the rest of us into the ground.    I would guess that some combination of trophies, stadium, recruiting center, and team power should be used to match for computer picked games.  Maybe in the future have an option to play lesser teams and spot them some points.


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