Hey players!

If you get a window that pops up while playing the game that states there is an ERROR, and the game needs to be restarted, please post the following information here in this thread:

Your team name
Time the error occurrred
What you were doing immediately before the error popped up.

If you could do this each time you get an error like this it will help us track the issue(s) down, whether they are bad internet connections or something we can fix.

Thank you!!
Bongbreath:  Just played a game, went to the weight room to train, showed I have 8000, 2 players to train all.  Hit that button, then went to another attribute and gave me the logged into another screen message, came back and the whole team (41) is training weights. 

I know from previous experience those players who are maxed out in weights will not get any boost, and yet I just wasted a ton of fandom and a chance to train my players, 39 of them in a attribute they need.

This was discussed a long time ago and nothing has been fixed or addressed...
I'm fairly certain we fixed that problem from a while ago - this may be a similar issue. I'll look into it and get back to you with an answer.

Just to clarify, you clicked "Train All", not "Train List"?
I believe I've found the problem. The server and the client differ on what it means to be "maxed out", so the client thought most of your players were maxed out but the server didn't, meaning when you clicked Train All, everyone got trained.

So the good news here is that your players actually did gain strength, but obviously it's still not an ideal situation. I've refunded the amount you spent on training. We should be pushing up a fix for this within the week.
DirtDawgs:  This one is a little different - I dont get an error message but when I start to choose an opponent and click NEXT to look at the next choice, the screen "closes" (the grey doors close like when going to recruiting and back from a game) and never reopens. I have to refresh the game to get back. I've seen this a couple of times today.
Matching does seem slow today. Our next update, coming in the next few days, should make matching a lot faster, so it should fix that problem.
Dirtdawgs 01/29/15 I know you said you wanted posts with errors - what about when no error posts but there is a problem? Here or somewhere else?

I'll put it here for now: 
Earlier today, I was able to connect to the game. Now the game loading status bar stops and will not continue. I've tried closing my browser, clearing history etc. My other games all load and play fine. Currently, I have nothing else running on my PC but the game isnt loading. I tried getting a screen shot and attaching it to this post but it is too big?It is a word dos and it's 2.5MB
Hi DirtDawgs, is it still freezing at the loading screen or are you able to get in now?
(01-29-2016, 12:00 PM)cratica Wrote: Hi DirtDawgs, is it still freezing at the loading screen or are you able to get in now?

I can get in now Cratica! Thanks 1:14PM CST
Thank you!

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