Love the game But....
it's very laggy and loads very slow. BUT, I freakin' love this game!
Hey Herd! Smile Thanks for the comment. There could be a couple of reasons it runs slow for you.

1) Game will run slow if there are other flash instances open anywhere on your computer. This could be simply an ad running on a website on another tab. So, we recommend closing all other browsers and tabs and just running the game only.
2) Slow/bad internet connection
3) Slow computer/gpu

Other than those causes, there are a couple of things we are looking at that might speed things up a bit for the people who are seeing laggy performance. One of those changes will be in our next build release that will most likely go out sometime next week.


Other than those
LOL Ok thanks. 

My Pc is a gaming pc,  I have a T1 connection, nothing else but facebook was opened :Big Grin Thanks though Still love the game!   #WeAreMarshall
That's very odd then. Game runs fast for all of us here. The only time it slows down on a decent system with decent internet that we have seen is if you play many back to back to back.... games. Then a simple refresh will get it to run fast again. We believe we have a fix for that. Should go in the game next week.

Thank you!
Sweet, yeah I noticed once i did a refresh it sped back up. never the less I love this game lol

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