Game win error
When I win a game, I have to reload my screen to get my fandom.  My last game, I could only train about 1/2 my team because it states the other "just want to play coach" meaning they can't train because it's not recognizing them as just having played a game...  Bongbreath
i'm getting this same error
Yes, the training thing has been a persistent issue. Just to check, did you initiate the game, or did you join a game that someone had initiated against you? Also, did you sim the game or play it all the way through?
I am getting this error both ways, sim and play
Hey - so I'm happy to say that it appears the players not being able to train after a game bug has been fixed. I don't want to say it's *definitely* fixed since it's very random, but we did not see it in testing. Please let us know if you see it again.

We will be fixing the currency not updating today as well.
thanks for that
A new error when seeking a head to head matchup...the "suitable match"....Crimson Wave vs. Crimson Wave
Thank you Crimson, it's been added to the bug db.
Yes, the head-to-head matching up against yourself is a bug - we have a fix, so it will be fixed with the next server push.

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