the challenges
how do you sim this game? i have heard some are doing this and they high numbers in the challenges in a short time. a challenge starts within a feww hours one player has over 4000 yds rushing i might get 199-299 rushing and passing was the same i might get  3-4 pass td a game if i'm lucky this one player has 200 or more. i want to be competed also
Hi texas,

When you play single player, there should be a big "Sim" button to the upper right of the playcall screen in-game. Click on that, then click "Confirm" on the popup, and it will sim through the rest of the game. You will accumulate stats for the challenge while doing so.
Also, its possible to set up your team so that you can sim repeatedly by training your players in certain ways as well as having 2nd and 3rd string sets of players. Doing this and playing a LOT of games will lead to BIG numbers. There are several other strategies that can be used to get big numbers as well but players need to figure those out on their own. Smile

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