is it normal to have the 5 star Te and De recruits to be less then some of the 4 star recruits. All the 5star DE and TE recruits have been this way for me for over 2 months now. I actually stopped buying gold because the recruits that i need are not great, i can just wait a day and have enough fandom no need to buy low recruits so the game needs better recruits in the TE and DE. Also I only have 3 5 star TE to pick from why?
Hi mhorn,

Sometimes 5-star recruits can be lower than 4-star recruits - 5-stars are on average better but the random generation can make a bad 5-star better than a good 4-star. There's nothing special about four versus five stars, so just recruit the players with the best skills. As for how many 5-star TEs versus other positions, it's just random.

We will be refreshing the recruiting pool soon, probably tonight.

Also the prices can vary quite a bit based on their location. Your region is much less than going outside your region. So if you are looking at a 5 star in your region, it could cost less than a 4 star outside your region.

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