I made a spreadsheet

So, I'm a numbers guy and I love analytics. In trying to see how players improve over time and to make sure I'm recruiting the right players at the right time, I made a spreadsheet. I don't host it online so I can't put it inline but I've attached a snapshot to this post. Click on the picture at the top to open it.


I can add and subtract a year's experience to the roster with a button click (the subtract is there for testing and in case I accidentally increment experience by mistake).
I have a formula for determining team needs and displays each positions key needs. They are as follows (in order of importance):
  • Backup - If I have no backups 
  • Depth - If my bench is not as deep as the starters (If I have less than 4 QBs since 2 are starters)
  • Youth - If my average age at a position is getting high (> 20 experience average)
  • Training - If the average ability at a position is low (< 433 on average). This is imprecise as each positions average varies. I may adjust by position once I have an idea of what the average should be
  • None - If none of the above, the position is in good shape
I Also track each position's top player experience to get a sense of which positions are the oldest/youngest. 

This is my current squad. I've added some notes at the bottom to myself about which positions I want to recruit next and which positions are the weakest on the team.
That is super cool.
Wow, that is actually very nice! I love how easy it is to read. Well done!

I'd love it if you guys would put this kind of info in the game. I'd gladly give you  the spreadsheet if you want it.
It's certainly possible in the future to add something like this. Thank you! Smile
Updated spreadsheet. Reorganized and added some more data. Now I'm interested in hearing from the community about the relative strength of my roster and how I might make certain positions stronger.

I seem to have hit a ceiling with LBs. I have one guy who is overall 439 (which is far less than the max from most other positions). Are linebackers top end ratings that much lower than others or do I need to train beyond maxing the LB field and the weight room. I've started having them work on maxing on the practice field, too. Do they need to hit the film room to maximize awareness too or should they train with the D Linemen?

I have a similar problem with Safetys and TEs. They seem to top out in the 400s but other positions can get way into the 500s. Kickers are in the 600s. Anyone got some ideas for helping these guys get better?

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Did you make this spreadsheet available to folks that would like to use it, or nah?
I've attached an empty version of my current spreadsheet here. It's a zip file because .xlsm files are not allowed.

Fill in the guys on your roster and it'll calculate the rest. Name is optional but it helps me track which guy is which (especially when an underclassman passes an upperclassmen in overall ability). Year is automatically calculated based on the experience (# games played). 

On the right side, Everything is automatically calculated. I'll add a description of the columns:

Needs - My favorite part of the spreadsheet. It has basic rules (which I have adjusted for each position, still working on it) for helping you understand what your team's current needs are. They are in order:
  • Backup - you have only the minimum (or less) required for the position
  • Depth - you have fewer extras at the position than you should (but you do have some)
  • Youth - the average experience at the position is high
  • Training - the average rating of the guys at the position is low
  • None - this position has no needs
Bench is just a simple count of how many players you have beyond the required amount at the position
Count is the total number of players you have at the position
Lowest is the experience of the "youngest" player on the team. I use it to help prioritize which position I will recruit next.
Starter Experience is the experience of the highest rated guy at the position
Average Experience is self-explanatory
Average Rating is self-explanatory

There are two buttons, Add Experience and Remove Experience. These help me update the experience of my players as they play games. I normally don't have to set the experience of players by hand as I am careful to use the buttons to add to each player. Remove Experience is there to correct for mistakes if you accidentally push Add Experience when you shouldn't have.

Finally, there is a chart which keeps track of how many Freshmen/Sophomores/Juniors/Seniors are on the roster. It helps me get a sense for how old my team is.

I added a second page, Production, which I use to track how many bucks and flags I get each day. There is a multiplier at the bottom which you can set to see the effects of academic buildings that increase production. It's experimental at the moment. My buildings are all maxed so if yours aren't you'll need to adjust the "output" of each appropriately.

I can answer questions if you have them.

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Sweet! Thanks for sharing!!
Thank you varoadstter!

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