Upgrade boost for English College?
I'm working on maxing out fandom by upgrading the English College. I just finished level 2 this weekend. There is a disconnect between what the Info says the upgrade will do versus what is actually showing for Upgrade.

For example, I'm currently at level 2. When I press Upgrade it says upgrading to level 3 will increase my fandom generation to 6% but when I check Info, that's saying I'm only getting a 2% boost currently. This matches up with what I was seeing at level 1 where the upgrade said my fandom generation would increase to 4% but the Info said I was only 1% boosted.

So, does each upgrade for the English College add 1 or 2% to fandom generation? One of those indicators is wrong and rather than trying to test it out myself I thought I'd just ask here.
Ok, I just had to know so I checked myself. It does appear you get a 2% boost for each level. The Info button gives the wrong value.

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