Team Name: InterboroBucs

I have not gotten a gold delivery in many days. I log in to the game many times every day. I have ALL 500 pieces of road built. 

Please fix it and credit my account with as much gold as you think is fair since my last delivery.

Logged in 3 or 4 times today and still no gold. Is anyone looking in on this?
Logged in 3 more times today, still no gold deliveries.
Hi, someone is looking into it. Thanks!
Great, thanks!
Hey RB, sorry we took a while to get back to you on this.

The problem is definitely on our end, but you can help us out on this one. The problem is the enormous snaky loop road that you've built. Smile Not to get technical, but the limo won't appear if no other car ever disappears, and with your giant loop road, no car disappears. If you remove a segment of the road, you should see the limo appear the first time a car hits the end of the road.

(Just to note, the limo won't appear more often if cars are disappearing more often, so you can't game the system that way.)

We appreciate you finding the bug. We have given you some gold, about what you'd have gotten if you were collecting the gold drops every day and then some. We will post a fix for this as soon as we can and you can get your beltway back. Smile

Okay, I will do what you said. But just a side note, I have had a closed loop for over a month and the gold just dried up about a week ago. Anyway, that is just FYI. I will put a break in the loop and make sure I always have one. Thanks for the info and gold!


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