lost of trophies and players graduating
i challaged gold lions in a h2h and i seen no response so i X out but like 30 minutes later it showed we played in a head to head game and i did not participant.  If there is a way can i get some trophies back and the game taken away.
Hi hawk's,

Your currency and trophies have been updated.

thanks for the reply and fast attention.
Rowdy Benzer,  while playing Red Radishes moments ago, had some glitches on the kick offs.  happened 3 times actually.  My team was kicking off, my whole team stood still but somehow his player mysteriously fell on his own 20.  Second time the 1st half just ended.  My team again kicked off, stood still.  Never showed what had happened.  Instead my defensive options popped up and he was on my 30 yard line.  Radishes ran a play, his running back went from the 30 to the 5 and then backwards all the way back to the 35!  Anyway his team scored and when they kicked off, stood still allowing my kickoff return team to make it all the way to the one yard line where my dude just fell down. lol!  In other words, GLITCHES ON THE KICKOFFS!

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