Two games played against me at same time.
I finished a game with ToughGuys1 and was in training. After training, I played another team, TIGRCATS.

During the time I finished with ToughGuys1 and starting the next game against TIGRCATS, I was online and in the game chat.

At no time did I get any notification that I was being played by another team offline. I was not offline at the time, so another team should not have been able to play me unless it was H2H. If I were offline, I would have received a notice on Facebook that a team had begun a game against me.

Normally, I wouldn't be concerned about it, but I'm in the race for the weekly. I would like to get my trophies back from the game that was played against me while I was online and not given notification. That game was against U of o SOONER and cost me 20 trophies!  

I have attached two pictures. One that shows my game log. The other shows I was in the chat and online, not offline when the game was played against me. I would still have been in the game with ToughGuys1 when the game against U of O Soomer began.


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