Game Started While Training Players
Angry I am so angry I can't catch my breath. I am going to try to calm down and be coherent and hope you can fix the problem.

Team Name: Camden Bruins

I played my 30th and final game for my most recent class of recruits. I have a VERY rigid system on how I play this game. I recruit a class (entire lineup from top to bottom) then play 30 games. Then recruit the next class, play 30 games, and so on.

So I just finished my 30th game and started putting all of my current players into training. I am clicking back and forth between different practice fields and players and ALL OF A SUDDEN A GAME STARTED!!!! Angry Angry Angry

I never saw a message about being challenged and I would not have accepted if I did. The player who challenged me was brand new and had no trophies. Out of anger I played the entire game and destroyed him 72-0. For my victory I won ZERO trophies, $82, and 312 fans. 

If you look at my last 10 games before this you will see I have only been playing high trophy (17-24) and high dollar and high fandom games.

Let me be clear, if you offer me $800,000 and 800,000 fans and 20 trophies & 100 gold, I would turn it down. I can earn and win those things myself. What I want to make this right are two things:

1) Reduce every player on my team (except those on 0 games) by 1 game. If you want to take $82 and 312 fans from me, go ahead. 

2) FIX THE PROBLEM. I have 2 ideas for fixing this problem: (A) Offset the "accept button" somewhere far away from buttons used during training. (B) How about a second level of acceptance. So if you accept a challenge, it takes you to a second dialogue window that says "winning this game will earn you X trophies, Y dollars and Z fandom. Do you still want to play this game?" It would be nice to know what you stand to win if you accept a challenge. Plus it will give you an extra level of protection against accidental acceptance.

Please look into this and make this right!

Hi Camden,

Sorry for taking so long to respond to your question. I have reduced each of your players by 1 game, and we will implement putting a delay in the "accept game" popup.

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