Android Support and other stuff
ADMIN, when will you have this game available for Android users?  It would be nice to have the game available for us with Android phones and tablets.

Also, is it possible to go through the game and weed out all the inactive teams?  Not sure how much time needs to pass before a team is declared inactive, but I think 60 days is a good starting point.  It seems like there are hundreds of teams, but only a few hundred players who actually play.

How about some news on game updates, fixes, answer questions on the forums, etc?  It would be helpful to have an explanation on how the clock works, have the kickoff and punt teams available on the roster like all other offensive and defensive plays, have an onside kick play, add new formations, plus lots of others.

We enjoy the game, but would like some feedback from ADMIN.  It's obvious people like playing this game, so offer us something in support.

Lone Star

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