WISH LIST 10 things
In the next upgrade, there needs to be an upgrade to the buildings that generate fandom because of the upgrade in the recruiting office. While the recruiting office may have provided the game creators with a quick influx of revenues from people buying in, the game seems to be dieing since the initial jump in interest. Players buying in won't last if the amount of teams playing falls off.

Some ideas:

1. The chance of successfully being able to soft recruit needs to be easier. It seems with the upgraded recruiting office soft recruiting is more difficult and just not worth the risk of potentially losing 1 mil + to soft recruit. This creates more teams just sitting and waiting to save fandom rather than PLAYING.

2. The fandom generating buildings need to be in the next upgrade. The press room, HOF, Field House, Tailgating, should be on the list for upgrades so higher fandom can be generated.

3. Offering some kind of bucks for fandom exchange. Teams at the upper levels with maxed out buildings really have nothing to spend the bucks on. I'm constantly maxed out.

4. The creators / Admins should consider a one-time search of teams that have been inactive for a year (or any time period determined by the Admins) and donate to that team a one-time, maximum amount of fandom and bucks. If the admins have the contact information for these teams, let them know their team is receiving this and maybe a percentage of them will come back. If not, just by allowing these teams to have a maxed out bucks and fandom will give the active teams someone they can still play against offline. As it is now, we simply have to keep hitting "NEXT" over some of these dead teams who have been beat offline so often that they no longer offer any bucks or fandom to the active player looking for teams to play offline (i.e Bongbreath, GreyStone's) but they still have enough trophies to stay on the stale leaderboard. This is especially true at the top of the pyramid

5. Consider a hgher gold payout for teams who make the top 16 in their regional AND even higher gold payout for the teams who actually PLAY in the playoffs. Currently, there is an incentive for teams "on the bubble" to tank trophies so they can make it into the Wildcard region for an easier chance for a regional trophy and gold that comes with it. Make the gold payout higher for non-wildcard regional winners. (Another consideration would be re-rank the teams at the beginning of the playoffs regardless of region)

6. Consider giving a higher gold payout or fandom payout for every win an ACTIVE team wins in the playoffs. Right now, the attendance rate at playoffs is extremely low. Make the games payout fandom, bucks, and trophies similar to non-playoff games. If a lower ranked team upsets a higher ranked team, reward the lower ranked team. Knowing they have a chance for a big payoff even if they probably won't make it to the Championship game could add excitement in EVERY round.

7. Consider removing teams who have not been active from the leaderboard.  (For example, if a team hasnt been active for 3 months, they drop off of the leaderboard, but could be added back to the leaderboard once they play again) Mid-level teams could then see their teams in the top 100.  Once these teams are removed, mid-level teams could be motivated more to try to make the leaderboard.  Just the visual of new teams on the leaderboard could add motivation for teams. With the same, inactive teams on the leaderboard, the whole thing looks STALE. The only way currently to remove those teams from the leaderboard is teams to play them and defeat them in offline games but as I pointed out early, they have such small amounts of bucks and fandom, there is no incentive for active teams to play them

8. Right now, I can see my other teams' campus and their trophy count (if they are on the leaderboard). Give us an opportunity to visit another teams campus and be able to see that teams' GAME LOGS.  This could be very valuable information for me as I seek out teams to play. This way, I can base my opinion on how good the team really is based on who they've played. I can make evaluations from that information.  Wink

9. Adjust the payouts on the WEEKLY competitions. If teams place in the top 100 in the Gridiron Challenge they get SOMETHING. In the weekly, you have to play a lot of games and can really trash your team if you finish in 2nd place.  Currently, the incentive is for teams to sit and not play until the playoffs.

10. The new "Achievements" rewards are intereting but the "NO MERCY VICTORY" seems kinda... uncomfortable.  Basically, if I can challenge some newbie and they accept my challenge, I just beat the crap out of them by 50 points and I get 100 gold out of the deal. I got my 100 gold out of the deal. It was "good for ME". But I'm not sure it was "good for the GAME".
Add an "Achievement" with a high gold reward that rewards number of games played in a week. Right now the game has become STALE with everyone sitting around until they collect more fandom to recruit. Do something to reward daily play.

If you made it to this point in my post ... Congrats.
1.Fake punts and or field goals.

2.Ability to change teams name.

3.Bluechip players-4 million plus fandom. Maximum of 2 on roster at any time.

4.play action plays.


6.Dual color uniforms.

7.Trick plays such as reverses,end arounds, or blitz everyone etc.

8.Extra fandom for winning rivalry games eg.teams that have played each other more that 25 times.

9.In game substitution.

10.on side kicks.
Excellent post Chup...I totally agree with everything you said!  Unfortunately, it will probably never happen because ADMIN seems to sit on their hands quite a bit and are very slow to make any changes the players want.  I've been asking for them to go through and delete inactive teams and conferences, but that doesn't seem to be a high priority for them.  And the ability to buy gold with bucks.  I too am constantly maxed out on cash and it would be nice to have a place to spend it.  Maybe it will happen, but I'm not gonna hold my breath!
I have a few ideas that I think will help get at the underlying issues that have been brought up

1. Rather than having players last 60 games, have them last 60 days. This way there is no penalty for playing. If 60 days is too long, maybe 4 weeks? The way the system is now the best strategy is to lose until you have no trophies with a no good team. Then recruit a new team over a couple weeks and win 60 games. Then lose again with a new team. It is never good to have a game where the best strategy is to do nothing most of the time and then lose half the time you are playing.

2. Allow a team to hire a coaching staff for dollars. An offensive coach, a defensive coach, a special teams coach, and maybe add a few more if you want. These coaches could offer a set bonus to all players on offense, defense, special teams while they are hired. This will provide another use for dollars.

3. Offer some bonus fandom for every game won that isn't taken from someone else.

4. Each 15 days or week should be a season with data kept on rushing yards, passing yards, wins, losses, etc. Awards for doing well for the "season"

5. Add some more sports so the same school can have a basket ball team, a soccer team, or whatever.
The ability to choose defensive plays to match potential offensive plays of opponent when player is offline.

Instead of being at the mercy of random "defensive coordinating" when a player is not online, it would be nice if players could choose a set of defensive plays that would apply to corresponding offensive formations during offline challenges.
(12-10-2017, 02:05 PM)surprise Wrote: The ability to choose defensive plays to match potential offensive plays of opponent when player is offline.

Instead of being at the mercy of random "defensive coordinating" when a player is not online, it would be nice if players could choose a set of defensive plays that would apply to corresponding offensive formations during offline challenges.

With respect, I think that would not be a great idea.  The position on the field, time on the clock and score matter too.  If a player is smart, he or she can catch on to what defense will be called against what formation and use to to a big advantage.  For example, if a play responds to the shotgun formation with prevent, a smart play will start lining up and doing draws or short passes and each time know he will face prevent.  We might start seeing draw plays from the 2 yard line.  

I do agree with the general concept of having more say over play calling when not playing.  Maybe a better idea is something like general team settings.  For example:
1- setting a base defensive formation (i.e. 3-4, 4-3, or 3-3-5) that.  This will be the typical formation used when appropriate. 
2-  Selecting a coverage scheme (i.e. always zone, always man, or both) 
3- selection a run/pass defense bias (i.e. balanced, focus on run, focus on pass.  maybe with a slider with 5 settings from Run fixate on stopping run, run bias, mixed, pass focus, and fixate on stopping pass.)
4 - a yes/no choice of "always cover receivers with appropriate coverage."  If yes, a team will always have a CB or saftey to cover WR, and at least a linebacker to cover TE, FB, and RB.

5- For offense add a run/pass balance slider
6 - For offense, add a throw away/scramble/throw in coverage choice. For example allocating 10 points between each option.  Throw in coverage has highest chance of completion, but also interception.  Scramble has a chance to gain yards if no one is open, but also a higher chance of sack.  Throw away means the highest chance of incomplete pass if pressured.

7.   For offense select a 4th down aggressiveness choice: ie. always kick; go for it only if behind in 4th quarter by more than 3 points; go for it when behind in second half or 4th and under 2 in opponents territory unless team is ahead by more than 7 points in 4th quarter; or go for it when behind by more than 3 in second half or 4th and under 4 within 60 yards of opponent's endzone.

It doesn't have to be exactly this, but something like it may help.  Basically, I like the idea above, except I don't want it predictable and thus easy to manipulate by an opponent.  I am afraid that set plays against other set plays can and would be abused too easily.   

I am also open to totally different solutions as long as they are optional to use and are not predictable.

I will add it would be nice to be able to switch players positions and that rather than having a left and right tackle, we should just have 2 tackles like we do for guards.  This would mean for the offensive line we would need 1 center, 2 offensive guards, and 2 offensive tackles.
One way to make people play each other is to limit the amount on trophies lost when playing h2h. There is little incentive for top 20 teams to play. if the loss of trophies were different, or could be "negotiated", more people would play. More games result in using games on players. That results in use of fandom and "money" for the developers. Win-Win.
I'll push this back up because it is the very best ideas for improving the game. Too bad ADMIN paid little or no attention to this. Chup had 10 great ideas that would help the game. If only ADMIN would pay attention to their own game.

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