My Wish List Items
I came up with my own list of 7 suggestions for the site/game:

1. 23-hour Campus Visits - Right now you can only visit other campuses in your conference to collect cash & fandom 24 hours after the previous visit. Since you sometimes forget or can't get to it right at the 24 mark, it slowly creeps forward in your day until eventually it gets to like midnight and you skip a day then you get to it the following morning. If they changed it to 23 hours instead of 24, you can keep the visits to the same time everyday. If one day you are an hour late, you can walk it back to the time you want it to the next day. The only con is that someone who is incredibly dedicated can earn themselves one extra collection cycle every 24 days. But if they are going to be that dedicated, I say they deserve the benefit.

2. Recruits Price Declines - This idea is pretty good if I do say so myself. Here it is: When a new recruit is created by the system, it starts a clock on that player. The clock is not seen by us, it is just in the programming. Every hour after the player is created his fandom price is reduced by 1/48th. So for example: If a player starts out with a price of 1,920,000 fandom, one hour later his price is reduced by 40,000 fandom to 1,880,000. The next hour he is 1,840,000 and so on. If a player is not signed in 48 hours, instead of his value becoming 0, he simply disappears and a new player is created with the same number of stars at the same position and it all starts over again. This will keep the recruiting board fresh because there would be constant turnover. Right now it seems like 50% of the players at each position never get signed and sit there for a long time. That would never happen with this system. If a players price gets low enough, people will just sign them in order to force a new player be created.

3. Sorting Recruits - It would be nice if all of the column headings on the recruiting board were sortable. Right now only name, position, and OVR can be sorted. I would like all of the other attributes including price able to be sorted when you click on them.

4. Shorten "Signed By" Time - I don't know about anyone else, but it does not help me in the least to see players on the recruiting board who are already signed. For all I care, they can be removed immediately and replaced. I don't need to see "Signed by Redshirts" for an hour while trying to recruit. If there is a reason for it, then just leave it up there for 5 minutes. Right now it is just too long. 

5. Long Term Conference Message Board - I noticed on the main global message board, you can see the last 25 (+/-) messages. Then when a new message is posted, the oldest one disappears. But on the Conference message boards, the messages time out and are removed. So if I put a message on there, a little while later it is gone and the entire message board is blank. Please change this so that messages remain with no time limit. Then they are only lost when the board gets 25 messages and the oldest message is then pushed off. We want to communicate with our conference teams, but some only play a few times a week and the messages are gone. 

6. Fourth Game Day Vendor - Okay I admit this is just my OCD kicking in, but can we please have a 4th game day vendor which unlocks at Stadium level 9. This is mainly just so that we can have symmetry and balance on our campus designs. 

7. Cumulative Soft Recruiting - So from what I understand the soft recruiting has 3 levels: Calls which have a 10% chance of success, Home visits which have a 25% chance of success, and Campus visits have a 50% chance of success. I suggest that if someone attempts soft recruiting, and fails, their chance of success increases with successive attempts. So if you call 10 times, or home visit 4 times or campus visit twice, you are guaranteed to get him. But because of the price of soft recruiting it still cost more to do the 10, 4, or 2 then to just do the straight signing. So there is still a risk involved. I have had some players take over 20 phone calls to sign. That is ridiculous. 

1- I don't really care about 1 hour. :-) However, a bigger problem is that it is hard to see what conferences are open to new members. I suggest allowing conferences to set themselves to a default of accept or reject new players. That is more important to me. I have been trying to find or make a conference and nothing really works.

2- Good idea, but I would extend the time to a week and I would only reduce him down to 1/2 price before eliminating him. So, maybe more like a 10 percent decrease day 1-3, and then 5 percent days after 7 days he is 50%. Then gone on day 8. A 100 percent decrease is too much.

3- would be nice. Likewise to see all stats would be nice.

4- I don't care :-)

5- Or if unlimited is too much, maybe at least increase it to 50 or 100?

6- Agree, it would make design easier; but suggest before level 9. I think the first 3 come quick. How about level 6 or 7.

7- STRONGLY Agree that points should add. I can see how it might take more memory or require some additional programming, but right now there is no reason to do anything but sign now. I think there has to be something done to make the other choices have meaning or to eliminate them. Having the points add up so that when you fail it reduces the cost of other options is a good idea. Perhaps if it is too much programming to make it just reduce for one team, have it reduce for all teams? Or change the other options to something like "recruit random 1 star," "recruit random 2 star," "recruit random 3 star," "recruit random 4 star" and such so that the random this is the player and not if you get him. Whatever, it doesn't really make sense to spend fandom for an unknown chance at a player (let's face it the game doesn't even say the odds). It isn't so critical what is done, rather than something is done to either remove the other options or make them meaningful. Right now, I just do sign now. I don't get why someone would pay 15% of the cost of a player for a 1 in 10 chance to get him... That isn't gambling, it is throwing money away over time. Just my opinion.

That was my 2 cents.

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