Problem loading in FB Gameroom
I get the following message loading Bobblehead in FB Gameroom even though I have the newest version of Adobe Flash Player:

"To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.4.0 or greater is installed."

Any help would be appreciated.

Team: Surprise
Hey Surprise,

We haven't tested the game in the FB Gameroom in a long time - Sometimes in browsers users are prompted with that message but the message has a flash logo under it and if they click on the flash logo or directly on the message then it ends up dismissing the message and opening the game. I'm not set up to test the FB Gameroom at the moment but if it lets you click on a adobe flash logo/image then that might be all you need to do to get past it?
So I had to uninstall FB Gameroom then reinstall. Fixed. Apparently, Gameroom didn't update correctly.

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