playing the same team
OK, I've asked about this before.  This team, moistjester, keeps playing me.  He knows he can beat me so anytime he can, he plays and beats me.  There has got to be a limit.  3 Times in 2 days is too much. I think its been a total of 20 times over a few months. If something isn't done about putting limits on teams playing each other I'm leaving.  It's not fun anymore when one team continually picks on another and you lose money and trophies and fandom.

There is no limit. After you lose a game, you are on a 12 hour bye and no one can challenge you for those 12 hours. Your only other course of action is to get better and rematch him and beat him. That's about it. Sorry, no participation trophies here. It's happened to us with it.

One more thing...if you hold on to a lot of Cash and Fandom, you make yourself an easy target for those teams who need cash and fandom. Get what you need then spend it on players or upgrades. Otherwise, you will get hit on by teams needed the goods.

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