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Welcome to BobbleHead College Football!

BobbleHead College Football is the only game on the planet where you can build your campus, recruit your players and smash your competition on the field of play!  This guide will introduce you to the game as well as provide tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your team!

Getting Started
Players and their Skills
Buildings List
Play List
Tips and Tricks

Bobblehead College Football is a Facebook and mobile app where you start off with a small college campus and a new football program.  As the Head Coach of this new program, your goal is to grow your campus so that you can recruit the best players which will in turn help you win football games!  The more you win, the more resources you have to keep improving your campus and your team!  Whether you want to create a team known for its bruising defense or a fast, highly agile team known for its high powered offense, the choice is completely yours.  You are in total control!

⦁ Build your campus - By building your campus you earn the resources necessary to recruit and train the best players.
⦁ Recruit your team - Select the best players you can afford with the best skills to fit your style of play.
⦁ Train your team - Improve your players in the skills specific to their position and specific to your style of play.
⦁ Win Football games - When you win, you earn more Bucks and Fandom which you can use as fuel to improve your team even more.  You also earn Trophies which will help you rise on the Leaderboard!

When you first begin your Coaching career, you will be given some land, a small football field, Recruiting Center and a Coaches Office.  You will also receive a small amount of Gold, Fandom and Bucks.  To help you field a team, you will receive a random selection of walk-on players from Freshmen to Seniors.  Here is what you start with:

⦁ 2 Quarterbacks (QB) - The QB is the leader of the team, many times calling the plays.  He may hand the football off to another player for a run or throw for a pass or may even run the ball himself if he has the skills.  If you need to boost the chances of success for an important play, try the Canon arm or the QB laser power ups in the store!
⦁ 2 Halfbacks (HB) - This is the primary running back for the team, getting a great deal of touches on the ball.  He must have a great blend of quickness and agility.  Train this player up for a great ground game!
⦁ 2 Fullbacks (FB) - This player is generally a larger, more powerful player, carrying the ball on short yardage situations where he can bully his way through the line.  He can also play a big role as a blocker, protecting his quarterback as well as blocking for the halfback during runs.
⦁ 2 Tight ends (TE) - These players line up on both sides, left and right of the offensive line.  They must be versative athletes as they need to be able to block as well as catch passes.  If the player has a great ability to run after the catch, it could turn small gains into large gains making this a great position to train up.
⦁ 4 Wide Receivers (WR) - These players are the "good hands" people and specialize in getting open and catching passes.  If you want to increase your chance of catching a pass on critical situations, try the "Super Hands" power up in the store!
⦁ 3 Offensive Guards (OG) - Two guards line up on either side of the center and provide a wall of defense for the QB as well as creating holes for running plays.
⦁ 2 Left Tackles (LT) - These players block against defenders on the left side of the line for a run and protect the QB during passing plays.
⦁ 2 Right Tackles (RT) - These players block against defenders on the right side of the line for a run and protect the QB during passing plays.
⦁ 2 Centers © - The center snaps the ball to the Quarterback.  He also blocks defenders for running plays as well as defending the quarterback.
⦁ 3 Defensive Ends (DE) - The job of the DE is to attack the passer and to stop offensive plays on the outside of the line of scrimmage.  Placing the fastest DE on the right side of the defensive line for a right-handed quarterback is a great strategy.
⦁ 3 Defensive Tackles (DT) - The job of the DT is to rush the passer and to stop running plays up the middle.
⦁ 4 Linebackers (LB) - This is a versatile position perfect for a well rounded player.  Depending on the situation, they might rush the passer on a blitz or cover receivers as well as defend against the run in the middle or outside.
⦁ 3 Cornerbacks (CB) - These defenders primarily cover the offensive wide receivers.  If your defense is getting hammered by pass plays, try using a power up like the swatter to help defend against the pass.
⦁ 3 Safeties (S) - The safeties are the last line of defense and generally help the cornerbacks with deep pass coverage.  They can also provide the last line of defense against run plays.

To start, your players will be randomly selected as Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.  Players will graduate over time, based on how many games they play.  
Player Classes based on game experience:

⦁ Freshman (0 games played)
⦁ Sophomores (15 games played)
⦁ Juniors (30 games played)
⦁ Seniors (45 games Played)  

Seniors are set up as roughly the equivalent of a level 1 stadium 4 star recruit, juniors are equivalent to a 3 star recruit, freshman and sophomores are equivalent to 2 star recruits.

Each player on your team has attributes that determine how they perform.  Some players may have great catching skills but poor blocking skills.  That's why they are receivers and not blockers.  As a Coach, you can choose the players best suited for your style of play.  If you want an offense centered around a great Quarterback, then recruit players with the best pass blocking skills.  Fortunately, in Bobblehead College Football, you can train your players so that these skills can be improved.  You will find that doing so is a great way to be successful.  For example, if you want a strong running game, you may want your running back to be more agile.  In this case, you would keep sending him to the Athletic Trainer building between games.  You will find these skills listed in the recruiting screen and the roster review screen.  The skills are abbreviated and are described below.

OVR -> Overall:  This represents the overall strength of the athlete based on their speed, acceleration and strength PLUS some of their most important skills.  For example, for the Quarterback, it might be the average of passing skills along with their speed, acceleration and strength.
ACC -> Acceleration:  This is how quickly a player can get up to the maximum speed.
CRR -> Carrying:  This is how well the ball carrier can secure the ball.  A player with low CRR skills will be prone to fumbling.
AGI -> Agility:  This is how quickly a player can change direction.  He's got the "moves!"
CAT -> Catching:  You'll want wide receivers and any other player who catches the ball to have high CAT skills.  This represents how well they are at catching the ball.
PBL -> Pass Block:  If you are building a team with a high powered passing game, be sure to recruit players with high PBL skills.  This represents how well they can protect your Quarterback.
RRN -> Route Running:  It's much harder to catch a football when a defender is draped over you.  Players with high RRN skills will be "open" more often.  Look for wide receivers and other receiving positions that have great RRN skills.
RPR -> Run Play Recognition:  To build a strong defense against the run, you'll want to recruit or train players with high RPR skills.  This skill allows defenders to recognize when an offense will run so they can move up to the line and stuff the run, sometimes for a loss!
TKL -> Tackling:  You simply can't build a Championship quality defense without tackling skills.  Every player on your defense should have high TKL skills.
AWR -> Awareness:  The best players on both sides of the field have high AWR skills.  Understanding what is going on all around them can help them react to a dynamic situation on the field.  For example, QB can "feel" the pressure of a pass rush even if he can't see them because he has great awareness.
PPR -> Pass Play Recognition:  Sometimes offenses disguise a play as a run so they can tighten up the defense and drawn them in only to throw a deep or crossing route.  Make sure your defense has the PPR skills needed to defend against pass plays.
SPD -> Speed:  This is the top speed of an athlete.  All players can benefit from speed but certain players must be fast including half backs, wide receivers, safeties and defensive backs to name a few.  Recruit players with high SPD skills for great results.
BLS -> Block Shedding:  This attribute represents the skill of shedding a block so that they can pursue the ball carrier and make tackles or pressure the Quarterback.  Recruit defenders, especially the defensive line positions that have high BLS skills.
TPW -> Throw Power:  To throw a long bomb down the field or a bullet between defenders, you'll want a Quarterback with a strong arm.  The TPW attribute represents the Quarterbacks ability to throw the ball down the field.
 SHA -> Short Throw Accuracy:  The SHA is the ability of the Quarterback to accurately throw the ball to his target for short distances.
LNA -> Long Throw Acuracy:  The LNA is the ability of the Quarterback to accurately throw the ball to his target for long distances.
 RBL -> Run Blocking:  This skill is great if you want to build a high powered running game.  The RBL attribute represents how well the player can block defenders so that you can run the ball effectively.  For the best effect, make sure your entire front line and your fullback have high RBL skills.
 STP -> Stripping:  This is the player's ability to strip the ball from the ball carrier.  To force more fumbles, recruit or train defensive players with high STP skills.
 STR -> Strength:  This is the strength of a player.  You'll want to strengthen up various player positions for the best results.  For example, your offensive and defensive line, your fullback and several other positions.
 PDF -> Pass Defense:  This is the ability of a player to defend against a pass and force an incompletion.  While all defensive players can benefit from this skill, make sure that at least your defensive backs and safeties have high PDF skills.
 ELU -> Elusiveness:  This is the ability to avoid contact.  ELU is a great skill for ball carriers, whether they are running backs or receivers.  On the other end of the field, pass rushers can also benefit from having high ELU skills.
 KAC -> Kick Accuracy:  This is for your punters and kickers and represents their kick accuracy.  A kicker with a high KAC will have a higher field goal percentage for example.
KPW -> Kick Power:  This is for your punters and kickers and represents their leg strength.  A punter with a high KPW can kick further than a punter with a low KPW.

You will use a variety of resources to build your campus, recruit your players and play football.  These resources are Gold, Fandom, Bucks and Trophies.
⦁ GOLD (Premium) - You use this resource to speed up construction of buildings, purchase BYE's as well as other resources such as bucks and Fandom.  From time to time, your big-time boosters will visit the campus in a limousine and drop off some gold so be on the look out!
⦁ BUCKS - Use Bucks to buy and upgrade certain buildings and a few other things.  Some buildings will produce bucks for your program and some of those include parking lots and vendors.
⦁ FANDOM - You will acquire Fandom as the program becomes bigger and more respected.  You will gain Fandom in a variety of ways including great press from the Press Room and Team Spirit generated at the Tailgate Parties!  You can use Fandom to get vendors to come to the stadium which earns your program bucks.  You can also use Fandom to convince recuits to join your team.  After all, the best players want to play for the best programs!  
⦁ TROPHIES - You will receive these when you win games but be careful, you can also lose them!  Recruit the best players, train them up and call the right plays to win games.  Can you rise to the top of the Leaderboard?  

Everything you need to build your campus and even boost your in-game play can be found in the shop.  You can purchase campus buildings, campus decorations, in-game power-ups, "Bye" weeks or even just days as well as more gold.

You can't build a team without a campus.  The campus contains many buildings and venues that will support your efforts in creating a Championship team including the Stadium, Recruiting Center, Film Room, Dorms, Coaches Office, Athletic Trainer, Practice Fields and many more.  We'll discuss each one in detail to help you understand the benefits of building them on your campus.

⦁ STADIUM - This is the heart of your campus.  The growth of your campus is dependant on the level of your stadium.  When you first start out, you will have a small field with a few bleachers.  As you upgrade your stadium, you will also be able to upgrade and construct new buildings and training facilities.  Click on the info button below your stadium to view the current Bucks and Fandom capacity.  Upgrading the stadium will also allow you to increase these capacities.

RECRUITING CENTER - The building is where you bring new players into your program and keep tabs on what recruits are available.  Upgrade the Recruiting Office to increase the odds that a recruit will commit to you when you call them and when you bring them on campus.  See the RECRUITING section for detailed information on how to recruit new players.

⦁ COACHES OFFICE - This is your office!  Come here to cook up new plays, get powers ups ready for your next game and set up your rosters.  Upgrading the Coaches Office gives you a recruiting boost and makes recruits slightly more likely to commit on phone calls, in-home visits and especially on campus visits.

⦁ PARKING LOTS - Build parking lots to earn bucks for your program.  The more lots you have, the more bucks you earn!  Upgrade them for higher production rates and caps.  Once the parking lots (and all resource generating buildings) have generated enough income, a buck icon will appear above the parking lot.  Be sure to come back often and collect your bucks by clicking on the buck icon.

⦁ TAILGATE PARTIES - Place tailgate parties on your campus to bring in more fans and increase your fandom.  Upgrade them for higher fandom productions rates and caps.  Collect your fandom by clicking on the fandom icon over the tailgate party when it appears.

⦁ GAME DAY VENDOR - Generate bucks for your program by allowing game day vendors to operate on your campus.  Upgrade them for even more bucks and a higher cap!

⦁ PRESS ROOM - Get great press and boost your teams popularity!  Build a press room to increase your fan reach and your fandom.  Upgrade your press room to generate even more fandom!  Be sure to collect the fandom by clicking on the fandom icon when it appears over the press room.

⦁ ATHLETE DORM - You can't have much of a team without a place for them to rest!  Build an an athtlete's dorm to increase your potential roster size.  The higher the level, the more players you can recruit to your team.  Click on the info button to see the maximum roster size.

⦁ ATHLETIC TRAINER  - Build this facility to train your players and increase their agility stats.  Upgrade this facility to increase the effectiveness of training and their agility skill cap.  Click on the info button to see how much of an agility boost the players will receive and the amount of time it will take.

⦁ DINING TABLE - A football player that eats better can play longer!  Send players to the Dining Table to increase their energy cap so they can play more games before requiring a recharge.  Click on the Info button to view the trained effect and the training time.  Upgrade the building to increase the effect on the players.

⦁ FILM ROOM - This building lets players prepare for games.  Train players at the Film Room to increase their awareness stats.  Click on the Info button to view the trained effect and training time for the current building level.  Upgrade the building to increase the effect.

⦁ HALL OF FAME - The Hall of Fame is a great way to connect with your fans and boost team spirit.  The Hall of Fame will generate Fandom for your campus.  Upgrade this building to increase the Fandom generated as well as the cap.  Click on the info button to see the current Fandom production rate and the current production cap.  Be sure to collect any generated Fandom when it appears over the building!

⦁ REHAB POOL - Get your tired players back on the field in no time with the Rehab Pool.  The pool speeds up players' recovery time after a game.  Get your players energy level back quicker by sending them to the Rehab Pool.  Click on the info button to see the trained effect and the training time.  Upgrade the Rehab Pool to increase the players energy regeneration skills and the maximum boost allowed.

⦁ WEIGHT ROOM - This facility is an essential training building for all football programs.  Get the most out of your players by increasing their strength stats.  Click the info button to see the trained effect and the training time.  Upgrade this building to increase the amount of strength boost and the maximum boost allowed.

⦁ ROADS - Make sure your players and students alike can get from one end of your campus to another!  You might also want to pay attention to how organized and attractive your college campus is as we may be rewarding the best looking campuses with Fandom in the future!

From the Old Oak Tree to a variety of Clock Towers, be sure to visit the Decorations department at the store to personalize and "beautify" your campus!

This is a great place to spend your bucks if you want to gain an advantage on the field.  Purchase them before each game to make sure you are well stocked and ready for action.  Once you are in the game, you will see the available power ups in your inventory at the top portion of the play calling screen.  Simply select the one you want before the play starts to use it.
⦁ BULLDOZER - The Bulldozer powerup makes offensive lineman much more effective at run and pass blocking.  
⦁ CANNON ARM - This item boosts your QB's arm strength and makes him more likely to hit the long pass.
⦁ LASER GUIDANCE - This powerup gives your QB a boost in throwing accuracy.
⦁ STEEL CURTAIN - If you need to stuff your opponent at the line, use this powerup to boost your defensive linemen's strength.
⦁ SUPER HANDS- This powerup provides a boost to WR's, RB's and the TE's abillity to catch and secure the ball.
⦁ SWATTER - This will boost the pass protection of the DB's and LB's.  If you need to stop your opponent's aerial assault, this might be the ticket.
⦁ JETS - Time to leave your defenders in the dust!  Grab this powerup to boost your WR's and RB's speed!
⦁ KICK BUTKUS - If its all on the line and you need that last field goal, give this powerup a shot!  Kick Butkus will boost your kicker's accuracy.

Give yourself a break and pull your team from the competition to allow time to train and rest up.  Just as college teams have a scheduled bye week during the season, you too can have a bye week, or even just a day!  Go to the Store, then select "Byes".  There you can purchase byes by the day or week.
⦁ 1 DAY BYE - A 1 Day Bye keeps opponents from being able to challenge you in games and taking your fans and bucks for 24 hours should you lose.  Once you purchase the bye, the timer starts and the bye stays in effect until the time runs out OR you challenge someone to a game.  You can view the time remaining by looking at the timer at the top of the campus screen.
⦁ 2 DAY BYE - A 2 Day Bye keeps opponents from being able to challenge you in games and taking your fans and bucks for 48 hours should you lose.  Once you purchase the bye, the timer starts and the bye stays in effect until the time runs out OR you challenge someone to a game.  You can view the time remaining by looking at the timer at the top of the campus screen.
⦁ 1 WEEK BYE - A 1 Week Bye keeps opponents from being able to challenge you in games and taking your fans and bucks for a full week should you lose.  Once you purchase the bye, the timer starts and the bye stays in effect until the time runs out OR you challenge someone to a game.  You can view the time remaining by looking at the timer at the top of the campus screen.

Gain an advantage on your competition by buying gold!  Gold will help you build buildings faster which helps you train stronger athletes and earn more Bucks and Fandom.  You can buy Gold in small amounts or large amounts, whatever works for you!

⦁ PILE OF GOLD - Get 500 GOLD for $4.99
⦁ BAG OF GOLD - Get 1200 GOLD for $9.99     

⦁ SACK OF GOLD - Get 2500 GOLD for $19.99
⦁ BOX OF GOLD - Get 6500 GOLD for $49.99

⦁ BOX OF GOLD - Get 14000 GOLD for $99.99

The team is all about the players.  Recruiting the right players is a key component to Bobblehead College Football.  To recruit players, you click on the recruit button under the Recruiting Center building on the campus.  Just like in real College Football, rosters are an ever evolving door with players graduating or transferring each year.  As the Head Coach, you get to choose who is on your team.  The better job you do building up your campus the more Fandom you will have to spend on recruiting.  Recruits have five basic levels, from 1 star to 5 stars.  There are several ways you can attract them to your team from soft recruiting to using Fandom to bring them on board.  If you don't have any Fandom, you can always accept "walk-on" players which do not require any resources.  As in real life, some of these walk-ons can turn out to be real stars on your team if they receive the proper training.  

⦁ Recruiting is regional
⦁ You can recruit outside your region but it will be more expensive
⦁ See recruits by state by selecting bottom center recruit button
⦁ See all recruits by selecting bottom right recruit button
⦁ You can select recruits by position, state, stars or whether you are following them by using the buttons and arrows at the top of the screen.
⦁ Follow a recruit when you want to keep tabs on them and sort them easily
⦁ Recruit a player as soon as you can before other players grab your star!

Recruiting Options

⦁ Outright - Click the large recruiting button to secure the player for your team.  The fandom required to recruit player is listed on the button.
⦁ Phone - When you call a recruit, you have a small chance of him committing to you.  The fandom required is low but so are the chances he will commit.
⦁ Visit - When you visit a recruit, you have a medium chance of him committing to you.  
⦁ Campus Tour - You can bring a recruit to your campus.  When you do this, there is a 50% chance he will commit to your program.

Recruiting Details - See more details for any recruit by double clicking the name of the player.

This button launches you down into the stadium so you can play a game of football against an opponent for Fandom, Bucks and Trophies!  Before you play however, you want to look over your roster and make sure you are fielding your best team.  

Running out of space?  Purchase more land adjacent to your campus by clicking on a lot and selecting "Purchase Lot".  Once you purchase the land, it will be cleared, ready for your campus expansioin projects.  The prices increase as you buy more land so make wise purchases!

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