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Full Version: Decorations and Lots - Purchase with cash only
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Nearly every team in this game is sitting on full cash storages except for the brief period of time when they are no longer upgrading things after their stadium upgrades. Those same teams are always hungry for more flags. The balance is off and needs to be fixed. In the short term, why not just switch the purchasing of the oldest oak trees and coach's house to cash instead of flags? I'm assuming you want people to be able to spend their cash but there aren't enough things to use it on. Of course an even bigger cost item is the lots needed to enlarge the campus. Why not just make these cash instead of flags? There's no reason to artificially hold campus size down and it gives people something they can buy and use to develop interesting looking campuses. 

Hi varoad,

We're definitely trying to improve the cash/fandom balance issues right now, and changing the decorative buildings might help, so we'll do some testing and see if we can work that in. Thanks for the suggestion!
Dirtdawgs: I agree - I am almost maxed on cash right now but am struggling to keep any fandom to recruit with. I have players graduating on my and can't recruit because I am out of fandom. Something needs to be changed to even this out. Thanks guys! Awesome Game!!
lol sitting at just over a mil in bucks and ZERO fandom lol I totally agree! Please create more things to add to our campuses
Use power ups!
For? I've already got all I can buy in Powerups!
Same here lol
I've got 1.3 million in cash and 15,000 in Fandom and I can't even play a game because I need to recruit for 6 positions that graduated. Guess I will go offline for the next day or two until my fandom builds up enough so I can play again.
Hey capstonkid, the game is setup so that it can be managed however the player wants, which means that if they want to focus on playing all the time, they can use fandom to recruit players as they need to. Or they can use fandom to build up their campus and take walk-ons. Or they can manage the fandom with a balanced approach. It's really up to the players and there are tons of options of how to play. And you can always purchase Gold to buy fandom for whatever you need if you get in a jam and don't want to wait. It's a very cool and unique game as its not only a football game, but a resource management and team management game. Smile