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Full Version: Training order of importance
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I don't know of a good source of information for making the most of the training system in the game so I thought I'd describe what I'm doing and ask for other's input into how they get the most out of their players.

First of all, I draft players with the highest ability scores possible. I do this in the hope that (at least in general) the players at the top have a higher ceiling for ability scores. 

Second, once a player has been surpassed by younger players and is not starting, I cut them. No need to carry extra guys who won't get on the field and have little hope of reclaiming a starting role.

Third, I train the entire roster after each game to maximize their ability scores in their specific skill (QB's @ QB training field, WR @ WR training field, etc.). When I train FB and TE at the the RB and WR fields respectively, I don't see much improvement so I don't even bother with that, I just have them train at the weight room until they max out. I haven't tried but thought it might also help to have them train with the O Linemen since they block a lot.

What should the order of training be for players once they've maxed in their specialties? Currently, I max all the players in the weight room except WR and DBs (for STR), who I max on the practice field (SPD and ACC). By the time the players are maxed a second time they are usually late in their sophomore season or early in their junior season. What I'd like to know is how important to others is it to train in the Film Room (AWR) and Athletic Training Facility (AGI). 

I don't train in the Dining Hall (Energy Cap) or the Rehab Pool (Energy Regen) at all, since I'm not trying to play a lot of games in quick succession and there are no player injuries. Does anyone else use these facilities for training?

Thanks, I'm interested in hearing if I'm doing things differently from others or if there is a better way.
Bump. Anyone? How do you train your team? Am I doing the same thing everyone else is doing?
This is a question I had as well. I've been training at their position specialties first and then ability but I'm wondering if that is not the best way?

I guess the thing to know would be in position abilities derive or are determined as percentages of base abilities or not? (ie: does increasing strength then also indirectly help blocking, block shedding or tackling ability at the same time?) I think the relationship of base abilities and positional abilities is an important factor to know to answer the OP question and mine.


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