Conference Glitches
Conference Name: ConferenceUSA
Team Name: Camden Bruins

I created the "ConferenceUSA" conference & in the last 24 hours I have encountered several glitches regarding the conference administration. Here they are:

1) Our conference is full and is showing as such on the search list of conferences, however teams continue to click the "join" button for our conference. Recommended fix: If a conference has 14 teams, disable/remove the "JOIN" button.

2) As administrator of the league, I would like to be able to "reject" the teams who are trying to join our conference after it is full. But when I click on the "reject" button, I get an error message and my game reboots. Recommended fix: Fix the "REJECT' button so that it does not restart the game and simply removes the team from my conference list.

3) For most teams in the conference, there is a little icon (a rectangle with 2 parallel horizontal lines in it) next to the team. Clicking this button allows me to View Campus, Donate Power Up, or Challenge the team. The problem is that this icon is missing from a few of the teams in the conference. I have restarted the game several times and it does not fix the problem. Recommended fix: Ensure every team in every conference can see this icon next to every other team in their conference.

4) I approved a brand new team for the conference. I then immediately went to visit their campus. I clicked on a purple flag to claim some fandom and I got an error message saying that I can not claim currency from a friend more than one time per day. I have seen this message before when I tried to claim fandom twice from the same team. The problem is, I had not claimed anything from this specific team because I had JUST approved him for the conference seconds before. Recommended fix: Figure out why the system thinks I had already claimed rewards from a team that I had not and correct it.

All in all I am very excited about the new conference system and once all the glitches are worked out I think it will be a very positive feature of the game. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
3 other minor things. I would put these items on a "wish list' rather than glitches. Once the glitches above are fixed, maybe these can be addressed.

A) It would be nice if the administrator could change the conference colors. I didn't quite get them just right.

B) It would be AWESOME if after visiting a campus via the conference office, when you leave, it takes you back to the campus office.

C) A conference only chat window or message board would be great.
1) Good suggestion.
2) This should be fixed as of 30 seconds ago. Either though David is off on vacation in another country and had to pay $2/min for internet, he got on and fixed this server error! Smile
3) Josh is working on this bug.
4) For now, a refresh before you try and collect immediately after accepting a request should resolve this.

A) Good suggestion.
B) Agreed.
C) That was in the plan for initial release but we were trying to release this for Thanksgiving games and ran out of time. It will go in as soon as we can get it in.

Thank you for all the suggestions!
I can confirm that #2 above is fixed. I was able to reject all pending teams successfully.

I can also confirm that, at least for me, all of the teams in my conference have the little icon that allows me to visit their campus. This is item #3 above.


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